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As a fundraising professional, you have the important challenge of finding new ways to reach current and potential donors. Non-profit organizations such as yours, are discovering that hand addressed mailings are a highly effective way to communicate with donors and improve direct mail response rates.

Which would you open first? a generic, laser-printed envelope OR a handwritten envelope with a colorful stamp? Since few marketing messages today include a human element, real hand addressed mailings stand out. Real handwriting captures the attention of your audience and has been proven to increase direct mail response rates by 300% or more.

Handwritten Donor Mailing
An eye-catching hand addressed fundraising letter

As you know, the number of non-profit organizations has grown significantly in recent years, making it difficult for you to compete for donations. You need creative ways to differentiate yourself from other organizations and build personal relationships with your donors. In our digital age, real handwriting has become rare and unexpected. Not only are handwritten mailings eye-catching, but they add a human touch that is absent from most marketing campaigns.

Donor Call to Action
Grab their attention with a handwritten call-to-action.

Proof that Real Hand Addressed Mailings Increase Donations:

Life Outreach International of Fort Worth, Texas, makes one of its mailings strictly hand-written. The response is typically doubles and sometimes triples the return of its other mailings.
NonProfit Times

Feed the Children, in Oklahoma City, drops roughly 100,000 hand-addressed thank you notes on December 25 to its $1,000-plus givers to get that final gift of the year from donors. Its Christmas Day mailing in 2000 garnered a 15 percent response rate.
NonProfit Times

Rely on an Experienced Handwriting CompanyReal handwriting
Your organization’s image is important. Write On Results is dedicated to providing you with experienced and quality handwriting. You can rely on our dedicated team ready to hand address, stuff, seal and apply first-class stamps to thousands of your mailing pieces.

Try real handwriting with your next mailing. Visit our Handwriting Samples page to view some of our recent projects and Request a Handwriting Quote.