Send Real Handwritten Envelopes to Improve Your Customer Relationships and Response Rates

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When was the last time you received a hand addressed envelope? Not digitized font, but real handwriting? It’s probably been a while. Handwritten mailings are rarely seen in today’s digital age – making them highly effective marketing tools.

Hand written envelope

When you pull a handwritten envelope out of your mailbox, it’s impossible not to think “Wow, this person must really like me!” That envelope is likely the first piece of mail you’ll open. Real handwriting will let your audience know that they are important to you. Rather than laser printing their name from a database, real handwriting shows that someone took the time to pick up a pen and write to them.

Hand addressed Envelope

There’s a lot of marketing noise out there, making it a challenge to effectively reach your target audience. They are inundated by e-mails, voicemails, podcasts, blogs, TV ads, radio ads, print ads, and other messages. So, how do you stand out? How do you make yourself, your organization, or your services memorable?

The next time you want to effectively reach your customers, send them a handwritten mailing. Real handwriting is more personal and eye-catching than bulk mail or electronic marketing, and can dramatically improve the success of your marketing efforts.

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Your organization’s image is important. Write On Results is dedicated to providing you with experienced and quality handwriting. You can rely on our dedicated team, ready to hand address, stuff, seal and apply first-class stamps to thousands of your mailing pieces.

Try real handwriting with your next mailing. Visit our Handwriting Samplespage to view some of our recent projects and Request a Handwriting Quote.