Handwritten Samples & Examples of Our Work

Write On Results helps improve direct mail response rates for organizations around the United StatesRequest Handwriting Quote. Our team of writers will hand address and add eye-catching personalized messages to your direct mail campaigns. We’ve included some samples of our work below. Please contact us if you would like more details on how real handwriting can make an impact on your next mailing.

Hand Addressed Envelopes
A hand addressed envelope ensures that your mailing will be opened. Paired with a colorful, first-class stamp, a handwritten envelope offers a personal touch that stands out from other mail.
Hand Addressed Envelope
Hand addressed envelope – visit our Handwritten Envelopes page for details.

Handwritten Envelope
Hand addressed fundraising letter – visit our Hand Addressed Fundraising page for details.

Handwritten Kraft Envelope
Unique envelopes, like this kraft envelope, are a great way to stand out from other mailings.

Handwritten Personal Notes
A real, handwritten note personalizes your mailing and draws your audience’s eyes to your main message.

handwritten call-to-action
Handwritten donation request – visit our Hand Addressed Fundraising page for details.

handwritten post-it note
Handwritten post-it note

Handwritten Note
Handwritten call-to-action

Hand Addressed Greeting Cards
Mail out friendly greetings during anniversaries, holidays and special occasions with hand addressed greeting cards.
Hand Addressed Greeting Card
Hand addressed Thanksgiving card

Hand addressed holiday card
Handwritten holiday card – visit our Handwritten Greeting Cards page for details.

Handwritten Christmas Card
Hand addressed Christmas card – visit our Handwritten Greeting Cards page for details.

Handwritten Thank You Cards
A hand addressed Thank You card with a personal, handwritten note conveys a message of warmth and friendship.
Handwritten Thank You Card
Handwritten Thank You card

Visit our Why Use Real Handwriting page for more information on why handwritten mailings work, or Request a Handwriting Quote for your next mailing.

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