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Which Envelope Would You Open First?
A personalized, hand addressed envelope with a colorful first-class stamp…
Hand addressed envelope

OR – A generic, and impersonal lasered envelope with printed postage?laser printed envelope

Handwriting captures your customers’ attention and sends them a friendly, personalized message. And, most importantly, real handwriting improves your direct mail response rates by 300% or more!

Here are 6 Good Reasons to Use Real Handwriting in Your Next Mailing:Keep mail out of the trash

1. Messages Stay out of the Trash
Each day, millions of us sort through our mail. The average person takes 5 seconds to decide if an envelope is worth opening. With handwritten mail, you have a powerful advantage during that moment of judgment. Real handwritten messages get opened.

2. Customers Receive a Personal Touch
Few things offer a more personal touch than a handwritten message. Whether you send a Thank You card, an invitation, or a fundraising request, handwritten mail will make your customers feel valued.

3. Stand Out from the Competition
Which would grab your attention a laser-printed envelope with a bar coded label OR an envelope with your handwritten address and a colorful, first-class stamp? Since few marketing messages today include a human element, handwritten mail stands out.

4. Receive a Higher Response from Mailings
Millions of dollars are wasted each year on ineffective direct mail campaigns. While there are many factors that can contribute to these wasted funds – one thing is for sure. If the mail isn’t opened, the mail isn’t read. Handwritten mail gets opened and will give higher response rates than laser printed text.

5. Improve Your Return on Investment
Tight budgets require a close eye on return on investment. Handwritten mailings produce higher response rates which means higher return on investment.

6. See Real Results from Your Efforts
Your time is valuable. Why spend hours pouring over each phrase, comma, and bullet point, if your mailings are never opened? Handwritten mail gets opened and ensures that your time is well spent.

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